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Collaborate to Innovate: Develop electrification solutions with Borouge

Borouge is a leading value-creating polyolefin solutions provider committed to innovating with you in your transition to sustainable electrical power and supporting your ambition on tackling the challenges of climate change.


Lithium-Io​​​n Battery Solutions​

We collaborate with our industrial partners to co-develop advanced lithium-ion battery solutions. Our polypropylene (PP) materials using Borealis Borstar® technology deliver exceptional mechanical properties, superior processibility, and cost-effectiveness, making them the ideal choice for your lithium-ion battery components.

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Lithium-Ion Battery Separator​​

Lithium-Ion Battery Pouch Cells


Solar System Solutions

​​As a leading supplier of high-quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials, Borouge is well-positioned to assist you in creating the structural components for your solar photovoltaic systems. Collaborate with us to create HDPE components that promote exceptional energy efficiency, enhanced durability, and reduced maintenance requirements for your solar system.

Floating Photovoltaic Systems

Solar Tracker​

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Discover the full power of Borouge’s electrification portfolio

Borouge is committed to delivering an extensive portfolio of electrification solutions with our innovative products. In addition to our leading-edge polypropylene designed for Lithium-Ion Battery applications and high-quality HDPE for the components of your solar system, Borouge offers a vast ecosystem of materials within the electrification space.​​​​​

Wire and Cable Solutions

Pioneering Electrical Connectivity: Our polyolefin materials for wires and cables possess distinctive properties that are ideally suited for modern, high-capacity electrification initiatives. These materials can be employed in Low Voltage and High Voltage solutions, facilitating a seamless transition towards an all-electric future.​

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Capacitor Films Solutions

​​Energy Storage is crucial for reliable energy generation and energy transmission. Our partners benefit from our portfolio of high-purity PP resins for capacitor film offering outstanding dielectric film properties produced with ultra-low levels of impurities and residues.

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Solar Module Solutions

​​Protect your Solar Modules with our Encapsulant and Resins. We offer Quentys™ BPO resin for the production of thermoplastic encapsulant, which allows low-temperature lamination without cross-linking. It is especially suitable for perovskite cells.

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Mobility Solutions

​​In addition to our leading-edge polypropylene designed for Lithium-Ion Battery applications, Borouge offers a comprehensive material portfolio for the automotive sector. Our leading-edge polyolefin materials are used in a wide range of exterior, interior, and under-the-bonnet applications. These include bumpers, body panels, trims, dashboards, door claddings, climate control and cooling systems, air intake manifolds and battery cases.

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