High Barrier Flexible Packaging Material for Lithium-Ion Battery Pouch Cells ​

High mechanical performance and sealing strength material designed for your pouch type lithium-ion battery (LIB) packaging


Strong electrolyte resistance

Borouge’s Polypropylene (PP) resin is an ideal choice for aluminium laminated films used in pouch-type LIBs. It forms a strong barrier that offers excellent resistance to electrolytes. This ensures that the battery structure remains intact, preventing the risk of short circuits and other safety hazards. Our dedicated experts can work with you to tailor unique offerings that bring a high standard of safety, functionality, and performance to your LIB pouch cell packaging.


High sealing strength

Borouge is developing a PP resin that offers top-notch sealing performance for aluminium laminated films. By enhancing the efficiency of cell manufacturing and improving pouch hermeticity, the solution supports second-life usage of LIBs.


Partner with us to develop soft pack lithium-ion battery packaging with revolutionary properties​

Borouge is committed to collaborating with value chain partners to drive the shift to electrical power and the enhancement of battery systems for e-mobility. We are fully dedicated to delivering a full portfolio of electrification materials. Contact us to develop soft pack LIB packaging to build sustainable, high-performing and safer batteries. ​​

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