Meeting the diverse challenges of industrial applications

Our solutions for safe, reliable and long-lasting pipelines are developed to withstand long operational durations. Additionally, our dedicated services –  from the long initial planning phase of a pipeline project through the completion and follow-up troubleshooting – enable us to support partners in meeting the unique challenges of various industries.​


​Borcoat™ PE : Versatile use for steel pipe coatings​​

Our customers value the well-known stability and reliability of our product offering and technical services. Working with our long-term partners, we have been able to further develop our Borcoat™ system and actively find new solutions for low and high-design temperatures. We also deliver tailored material properties for mechanical protection during transport, handling, storage and installation.

  • Borc​oat™ PE, as the industry benchmark, has been a global solution for steel pipe coatings since 1997, making it possible to replace all LDPE and MDPE systems