Reliable and durable pipe solutions are vital in helping to eliminate losses, save energy and better serve communities and industries in the future. Water and sanitation systems made of conventional pipe materials sometimes struggle with water losses as high as 50%. Fully welded polyethylene and polypropylene ​​​pipe systems significantly reduce leakages and are hence the most efficient and reliable solutions.


​BorSafe™ PE: Exceptionally durable pressure gra​des for water & gas supply

BorSafe™ PE pressure grades exceed stringent international standards, including those for drinking water and gas applications. This broad portfolio has been​ developed and expanded continuously over the past 40 years by way of intensive research and field experience, incorporating feedback from pipe producers, installers, network managers and distributors. We offer cost-effective solutions and inspire confidence along the entire value chain, from producer to end consumer, thanks to attributes such as:

  • Ease of processability
  • Excellent low sag behaviour that enables production of challenging pipe sizes
  • Superior re​sistance to slow crack growth
  • Long proven track record
  • Proprietary Borstar® technology

BorSafe™ continues to offer leading, high performance PE materials when it comes to facilitating access to drinking water, improving transmission networks for gas and district cooling.​