Fibre Optics


Borouge and Borealis combines a broad range of fibre optic jacketing with unique high-end products based on our Borstar® technology. For linear low, medium and high density we have both a black and a UV-protected natural version, all combining good stress cracking performance with easy processability. Committed to offering our customers and partners the best quality, innovative products, at our high-end, the extra low shrink grades HE6067, HE6068 and our latest innovation, the black laser printable Borstar® HE6069, are all unique in the market. In addition, Borealis can also offer the anti-tracking jacketing Borstar® HE6081 as well as the PP1121, used for polyproylene loose and central tube constructions.


Insulation Jacket
Data cables HE1344, HE4872, HE4883, ME6032, HE1355 Borstar®
HE6062 / HE6063
ME6052 / ME6053
LE8707 / LE8706
Copper multipair HE1344, HE1345, HE3366,
ME1244, ME6032, HE1355
HE1106(75 ohmn)
LE1120-HE1123(50 ohm)
Fibre optics PP 1121 Buffer and central tube Borstar®
HE6067, HE6068, HE6069,
ME6052, ME6053
LE8706, LE8707
Borstar® HE6081

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