Flame Retardant Materials


​Whether used in automotive, residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, flame retardant materials are subject to increasingly stringent regulations. Manufacturers must produce building products which exhibit low flame propagation and low smoke effluent generation. They must also be easily manufactured and fulfil all applicable safety specifications.


Borouge and Borealis offer a broad range of peroxide and irradiation XLPE flame retardant compounds which have been specifically developed to provide ideal primary wiring solutions in automobiles.​​



Our proprietary Casico™ compounds exhibit reduced heat release and smoke generation, whilst producing no corrosive gas emissions, and our lower density compounds permit downsizing, thus contributing to environmental sustainability: less material is required whilst maintaining superior system performance. As LV cables across various applications are frequently used at high temperatures, there’s an increasing demand for cross-linkable flame retardant materials. Our Visico™ FR compounds are designed to meet challenging requirements in mechanical and electrical properties, are easy to process, and have long storage stability.



Power cables installed in sensitive areas such as tunnels often need flame-retardant jackets to protect from fire, which should also exhibit mechanical properties to prevent potential damage including cracks. Casico™ products FR6082 and FR6083 are recommended for installation in these demanding environments.



With a growing demand for solar installation globally, the need for high productivity solar cables is increasing. Our newly developed Visico™ FR4451/LE4439 system is specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements for photovoltaic cables according to EN 50618. On top of meeting general specifications, this compound enables easy processing and possesses good storage stability.


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