​Random copolyme​rs for rigid packaging application

With good optical properties, impact resistance and flexibility compared to homo polypropylene, random copolymers are ideal for many consumer, household, thin wall transparent housewares, industrial chemicals and hinge cap applications. Our grades offer easy processability and are suitable for injection moulding (IM), in-mould labelling, injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) and thin wall injection moulding (TWIM) processes.


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Grade Name MFR, g/10min 190°C, 2.16kgISO1130 Features* Key Performance Recommended Application
RB307MO 1.5 CA Good clarity, excellent drop impact and good chemical resistance Cosmetics, household industrial chemicals and highly transparent bottles
RE420MO 13 AS, CA Good clarity and no stress whitening.Suitable for in-mould labelling andInjection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM) process Transparent food containers, houseware, sports bottles, baby feeding bottles and hinge caps ​
RG568MO 30 AS, BNT, CA Excellent clarity and colour, fast cycle.Suitable for in-mould labelling Transparent food saver containers, storage boxes, hinge caps and media packaging
RH668MO 40 AS, BNT, CA Improved tint and colour with excellent clarity at low processing temperature,good impact strength, good gloss, High melt flow, Sustainability solutions compatible​ Transparent containers, houseware articles,food storage containers, storage boxes, media packaging​
RJ768MO 70​​​ AS, BNT, CA Good organoleptic, superior clarity and fast cycle with good stiffness Suitable for in-mould labelling. Fine-tuned additivities Thin wall transparent houseware, boxes, containers and media cases

*AS: Antistatic Agent, BNT: Borstar Nucleation Technology, SA: Slip Agent, AB: Anti-Blocking Agent, CA: Clarifying Agent