​Performance polyethylene (pe) – anteo™


Anteo™ - High Performing Borealis Borstar® Bimodal Terpolymer (BBTPE)

​​Anteo™ performance polyethylene (PE) polymers are suitable for a range of applications in flexible packaging. With outstanding processability, excellent mechanical properties, alongside excellent sealing performances and good optical properties, there is an Anteo™ grade that will meet your needs. Performance PE polymers are used in a wide range of exciting applications such as packaging, agriculture as well as industrial. Our Borealis Borstar® bimodal technology combined with a smart catalyst design has enabled the development of the next generation of bimodal terpolymers, offering a unique combination of superior end-user properties that deliver vast benefits across the entire value chain.

Key Attributes:

  • Easy processability
  • Outstanding sealing performance
  • Step-change improvement in mechanical properties
  • Good optical properties​

Product News

Anteo FK1820/FK1828 - The new ingredient for complete success
​Anteo FK2715 - The new ingredient for complete success​