High performance and leakage-free plumbing and heating systems

​​​Our advanced pressure pipe material solutions cover applications such as domestic water piping, under-floor heating, radiator connections, wall cooling/heating installations, district heating and industrial pipe networks. Whilst meeting the most stringent international standards for performance and reliability in the above applications, our solutions also provide:

  • Safe contact with drinking water
  • Long service life (according to applicable standards)
  • Ease of manufacture, including all components and fittings
  • Fast and simple installation

​​The individually unique properties of our PP-R and​ ​​​​​​​PE-RT materials make them ideal complements as inner and outer corrosion-resistant layers in aluminium or other types of reinforced composite pipe constructions.


Borealis Borstar® PP-R: High performance and enhanced cold impact resistance for domestic plumbing

​​Borealis Borstar® RA140E is a new generation, high performance PP-R with enhanced cold impact resistance for domestic and industrial plumbing as well as heating and cooling applications. It is designed to deliver excellent impact performance, pressure resistance at elevated temperatures and quality consistency.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimal balance of processability and mechanical properties for reduced injection moulding cycle times and enhanced extrusion speeds
  • Lightweight and thus easy to transport and install
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and harsh chemicals
  • Odourless
  • Easy weldability

Borstar® PE-RT: Flexibility in domestic hot & cold water & industrial applications

​​Borstar® PE-RT includes PE-RT I and PE-RT II with the compound being is a natural, bimodal HDPE for applications at raised temperatures, with excellent processability for high speed extrusion lines with excellent output. Borstar® PE-RT It is specifically developed for the manufacture of flexible pipes in domestic hot and cold water, radiant heating and cooling, district heating/cooling, thermoplastic liners and other industrial applications. It has optimised mechanical properties like weldability, tensile strength, elongation and ESCR and is produced with the advanced Borstar® technology.

Key benefits include:

  • Easy processing and high output rate
  • Easy joints connection
  • Super stress crack resistance
  • Long term pressure resistance
  • Outstanding surface quality
  • Good flexibility
  • Wide range of application temperatures
  • No taste and odours