- Recognised properties of the new grades make them ideal to support the growing demand of circular economy in the packaging and infrastructure industries 
- New product launches reinforce Borouge’s commitment to pursue excellence and innovation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 16 November 2021: Borouge, a leading petrochemical company that provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions to various industries, has launched seven new polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for packaging, agriculture and infrastructure applications at ArabPlast 2021. The new launches contribute to addressing the current market needs, supporting sustainability and circular economy ambitions and adding value to customers. 

As a responsible petrochemicals company, Borouge is committed to driving plastics’ circularity for a zero waste environment. Aiming towards achieving its sustainability goals, Borouge focuses on creating innovative solutions that promote designing for recyclability while ensuring material specifications are met, incorporating recyclates in end user applications and driving recycling efforts post-consumer use. 

“We are excited to launch our innovative and newly-developed polyolefin solutions that provide our customers in the packaging and infrastructure sectors with unique benefits to improve their production of better end-use products, enhance cost effectiveness, support their sustainability goals and unlock new opportunities and markets for them,” said Khalfan AlMuhairi, Borouge’s Senior Vice President for the MEAE Region. 

For the packaging industry, BorPureTM HJ333MO is the next generation high flow 75 Melting Flow Rate (MFR) PP homopolymer that Borouge has developed based on the proprietary Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT) combined with unique Borstar® reactor design. BorPureTM HJ333MO is a reactor grade which offers excellent organoleptic properties and efficient processing due to BNT nucleation, high flowability and cycle time benefits. Articles moulded from this product exhibit good dimensional stability and good stiffness / impact – balance and optical appeal as a new star in the BorPure family. BorPureTM HJ333MO also offers a more cost efficient thin wall production process through its high stiffness, better demolding and lower warpage properties that unlock great value when being applied on many packaging solutions such as takeaway food packaging, twin wall packaging, lids, media packaging and trays.

Borouge has developed HD168MO, a new 10 MFR homopolymer PP grade produced using the Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT). The new grade promotes a great stiffness / impact balance and provides down gauging potential. Its increased crystallisation temperature allows reduced cycle time and increased output and is designed for applications such as rigid containers, household articles, garden furniture, caps and closures.

Another Borouge solution for rigid packaging is the next generation random copolymer PP RH668MO, which is a 40 MFR high flow reactor grade that is considered the best choice for premium household applications. It is a differentiated random PP grade for high speed injection moulding lines, using the proprietary Borstar® Nucleation Technology (BNT) combined with unique Borstar® reactor design. RH668MO is designed for superior transparency, enhanced colour, excellent impact properties, higher productivity and offers low temperature processing. 

RH668MO supports sustainability with its enhanced impact performance combined with balanced stiffness for durability which makes easy to reuse and fully recycle. End products made using RH668MO possess not only excellent aesthetics, but also superior organoleptic performance and durability to meet the stringent requirements of premium houseware products.  

RJ768MO is another BNT-enabled and newly-developed random copolymer PP high flow 70 MFR grade for high-flow-thin-wall packaging applications. It offers enhanced transparency and improved aesthetics for thin wall packaging applications. RJ768MO is designed with optimised addtivation to meet growing market needs with less Glycerol Mono Stearates (GMS) and more Anti-Oxidant (AO) levels, the grade can deliver better hygienic containers for food packaging with enhanced transparency.  

To support growing agricultural applications enabled by Borstar® Bimodal PE technology, Borstar® FB1200, is another enhanced polyethylene from Borouge that is produced to offer one single solution to customers, eliminating the need to blend with other Polyethylene (PE) materials or significantly reduce them resulting in higher gains and benefits for farmers. Borstar® FB1200 is designed for agriculture films which require superior melt strength, mechanical properties and unique matt surface enabling diffused light benefits that contribute to improving the quality and quantity of the crop yield. 

Another addition to Borouge’s product portfolio is Anteo™FK2715, a medium density polyethylene (MDPE) grade developed for flexible packaging applications produced using the proprietary Borstar® bimodal terpolymer technology. The new grade offers a unique balance of stiffness / toughness, easy processing and good optics.  Anteo™FK2715 offers a greater competitive advantage to our customers being one of the solutions that are best fit for use whilst being cost efficient.  This grade is the best choice for flexible film applications such as high-end premium collation shrink films, stand-up pouches, liquid packaging films, MDO films and lamitubes.

For the infrastructure sector, a new innovative PE-RT Type II bi-modal material designed for heating and industrial pipes has been developed. Borstar® HE3477-RT can achieve more than a 50-year lifetime at elevated temperatures and is an excellent material to address the growing demand of replacing conventional metallic materials in district heating and industrial applications.

Borouge’s Borstar® HE3477-RT compliments the company’s HE3466-RT PE-RT Type I grade to present customers with more options for the materials required for hot and cold water distribution, district heating and cooling systems, thermoplastic liners as well as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP). The wide operating temperature range of PE-RT II makes it an ideal choice for any project where significant temperature differences are observed. The new grade is recognised for its superior processability to ensure a better quality product that has excellent resistance to sagging, optimal balance of processing as well as having advanced mechanical and lightweight properties for cost savings and ease of installation.

These new product launches reinforce Borouge’s commitment to pursue excellence and innovation by developing differentiated products with high performance features to unlock value and fulfill the evolving market needs of its value chain partners whilst contributing to circular economy and creating a positive impact on society. 

About Borouge
A joint venture between ADNOC and Borealis, Borouge is a leading petrochemicals company that provides innovative plastics solutions for the energy, infrastructure, mobility, packaging, healthcare and agriculture industries. Following the fourth world–scale expansion, Borouge will become the world's largest single-site polyolefin complex by 2025, with an overall production capacity of 6.4 million tonnes annually.

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