Air capsule e-commerce packaging 


The rise of e-commerce has seen an increase in the demand for packaging, and challenges on finding effective way to protect goods while being transported. E-commerce packaging typically consists of corrugated parcel boxes and other packing materials to protect its contents and may lead to excessive packaging waste. A leading global FMCG company has developed an air capsule e-commerce packaging solution to deliver an effective and efficient way to protect products while avoiding excessive packaging in a sustainable way. The innovative flexible packaging was developed using polyethylene (PE) structure with inflatable columns to provide protection. The air capsule enabled a significant reduction of materials used in conventional e-commerce packaging, paving the way for more sustainable solutions for the industry. As part of their ongoing efforts to leverage innovation to drive positive industry change, the company sought to further develop the air capsule packaging and incorporate recycled content in its design.


Brand owners strive to increase recycled content in their products with sustainability as a priority, and they’re trying to do it in the most efficient manner, while still maintaining quality and performance of packaging. To enhance the air capsule packaging solution, Borouge offered high-quality recycled polyethylene that can be incorporated into the air column material for the air capsule without compromising performance. Mechanical properties of the final material need to remain robust and deliver high performance. To ensure that the end application can deliver on the packaging requirements, the high-quality recycled polyolefins incorporated have to meet the stringent requirements for the air capsule. Developing the right post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene with very low gel and dust level and high toughness is critical to the formulation of the air capsule solution. The air capsule film produced needs to be able to incorporate 30% PCR, without sacrificing the stringent impact resistance requirement yet maintains air pressure for a reasonable duration during transportation.


Borouge worked with its value chain partners, including Shanghai ACS Environmental Technology and Guangdong Foreture, to incorporate post-consumer recycled content into the packaging solution. 

Borouge offers a wide range of mechanically recycled polyolefins for diverse applications. The air capsule solution incorporates 30% PCR PE derived from used PE heavy duty shipping sacks. With Borouge’s polymer expertise and expanding portfolio of high-quality recycled polyolefins, the company provides several key benefits:

Uncompromised consumer experience
Subjected to stringent material qualification before being incorporated with virgin PE to the end application, Borouge PCR resins offers high toughness and impact performance to ensure the packaging integrity and performance are fulfilled. 

For peace of mind
High-quality premium recycled polyethylene offered by Borouge provides low-gel properties compared to conventional recycled material, enabling good packaging integrity to safely deliver its content to consumers. 

High production efficiency enabled by high-quality PCR resins:
These premium PCR resins provide parallel efficiency on production for multilayer co-extrusion film formulation optimisation, without needing any major modification required for blown film, colour printing, production, and e-commerce onsite packaging operations. 

Processing efficiency is also achieved through Borouge’s extensive experience and technical know-how leading to an effective formulation tailored for the air capsule. The result is an e-commerce packaging solution that offers high impact performance without compromising packaging integrity. 

This innovative solution by Borouge, incorporating recycled content for e-commerce packaging, demonstrates the value chain commitment to continuously innovate and collaborate towards enabling a circular economy in this high-growth consumer market. 


Application / Product Air Capsule Packaging (Made with 30% PCR)

Shanghai ACS Environmental Technology

Guangdong Foreture

Grade used Post-consumer recycled polyethylene from Borouge
Process Multi-layer co-extrusion blown film and multi-film lamination
Functional Requirements
  • High toughness / impact performance
  • Low gel / dust level to minimise defects on film surface to maintain air pressure throughout service life
  • Efficient processing
  • Incorporate post-consumer recycled polyethylene into formulation without compromising packaging performance
  • High impact resistance and mechanical performance
  • Low level gel/dust in high-quality recycled polyethylene