For the past 25 years, Borouge, a leading petrochemical firm providing innovative and differentiated polyolefin solutions, has been embracing sustainability in its operations, solutions and initiatives, a top official from the company said.

Maitha Al Marashi, Acting Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Borouge, a strategic partnership between Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Austria-based Borealis, noted the company has been fostering a culture of sustainability across the organisation and promoting a circular economy.

“Our leadership champions the Borouge Sustainability Policy, which guides our transparent monitoring, reporting, and continuous investment in our people, innovation and assets,” Al Marashi told Khaleej Times.

Borouge’s Al Ruwais Environmental Sustainability Programme (RESP), introduced in 2018, is designed to improve the company’s environmental performance, and has led to significant improvements in water, energy and waste efficiency projects. Since 2018 through RESP, Borouge has reduced continuous flaring by 66 per cent, energy intensity by 22 per cent, and greenhouse emissions by 22 per cent.

Al Marashi underlined that sustainability is an integral part of Borouge’s operations and culture that enables it to reduce risk and drive positive growth. 

“We are committed to continuing to invest in operational improvements and environmental initiatives.” She pointed out that Borouge’s solutions have helped its customers reduce carbon emissions in transportation by downgauging vehicles’ parts, facilitating the design of water distribution pipes for remote areas, and enhancing crop yields through innovative greenhouse films.

“By leveraging the advantages of polymers with Borealis’ unique Borstar technology, we prioritise recyclability and carbon footprint reduction. This includes measures such as reducing product weight and optimising cycle times to lower energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation.

Borouge’s healthcare grades fulfil the rigorous requirements of healthcare products such as syringes and intravenous bags. In energy applications, Borealis’ Borlink technology improves the resilience and dependability of power grids, enabling more efficient transmission of renewable energy over longer distances.”

Positive social impact

Al Marashi underlined that Borouge supports the UAE’s national drive for net zero emissions. 

“Borouge has a comprehensive roadmap to reduce emissions. Building on a track record for continuously improving performance, we are committed to the wellbeing of society and preservation of the environment, while addressing the expectations of our shareholders.” 

Meanwhile, Borouge’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities focus on four main pillars: environment, science education, access to water and sanitation and employee volunteerism. Its impactful programmes and initiatives include, partnering with schools to develop a bespoke curriculum that highlights the benefits of polymers and proper waste management, and encourages students to pursue science education and be ambassadors for a circular economy. 

“In the first quarter of 2023, the initiative reached more than 5,000 students in the UAE and Asia.” 

Through its Polymers on the Move programme, Borouge educates the younger generation about responsible plastic use, recycling and the significance of a circular economy. 

“Additionally, we support RECAPP, the UAE’s first digital recycling solution, to raise awareness and encourage sustainable lifestyle within the community.” 

Together with Borealis, Borouge aims to address the global challenge of access to clean water and sanitation. 

“Working with NGOs, the private sector, value chain partners and local communities, we supply our infrastructure solutions which enable the development of water-related projects in underdeveloped regions worldwide. Since 2007, this programme called Water for the World has positively impacted over 1 million people globally.” 

Also, Borouge without Borders is an employee volunteering programme that supports philanthropic organisations in the community through virtual and physical volunteering sessions.


Circular economy

Borouge’s zero waste campaign raises awareness about circular economy and encourages community engagement through interactive and educational activities.

Another initiative is Project STOP that partners with cities and governments to build effective and circular waste management systems eliminating the leakage of waste into the environment and ocean, thereby helping to improve resource efficiencies and public health.

“Co-founded by Borealis and Systemiq, Borouge was a strategic partner in the first phase of the programme. As of March this year, 47,428 tonnes of waste were collected and 37,366 tonnes of waste has been prevented from polluting the environment, including 5,837 tonnes of plastic. The programme also created jobs for 333 people in the waste system and established five material recovery facilities in Muncar and Pasuruan, East Java, and Jembrana, Bali, bringing total processing capacity to 150 tonnes per day.”

Also, Borouge has been supporting the progress of a zero-waste circular economy through partnerships with 12 recycling companies in eight countries, expanding its portfolio of recycled polyolefin solutions. The company has developed mono-material solutions for advanced packaging, ensuring full recyclability without compromising performance or functionality.

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