Borpure™ high-density polyethylene (hdpe) grades for rigid packaging application

BorPure™ HDPE grades offer a complete solution to meet emerging market needs. With their multi-modal properties, they are ideal for one-piece closure applications and can be used in injection moulding and compression moulding processes.

Key Features:

  • Excellent environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR)
  • Smart flow
  • High barrier, low water vapour transmission rate (WVTR)
  • Excellent mechanical properties and processing balance​
  • Superior organoleptic performance
Grade Name MFR, g/10min 190°C, 2.16kgISO 1133 Density (kg/m3) ​​ISO 1183 ESCR Igepal 10%, F50 (h) ASTM D 1693-B Recommended Application
BorPure™ MB7581 4 958 40 Organoleptic closures for water, tea, juices. Suitable for high speed injection and compression moulding
BorPure™ MB6561 ​ 1.5 955 400 Organoleptic closures for mineral water, teas, juices ​
BorPure™ MB6562 1.5 955 400 Organoleptic, juices, carbonated beverages
BorPure™ MB5568 0.8 956 750 Lightweight organoleptic closures for mineral water, teas juices
BorPure™ MB5569 0.8 956​ 750 Lightweight organoleptic closures for carbonated soft drinks (CSD), juices, sparkling beverages